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Angela Bartlett, Management at Central New York Spine and Rehab

Angela Bartlett

Born and raised in Central New York, Angela grew up on a small farm outside of West Winfield. She attended SUNY Poly where she earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in technology management. 

Discovering Her Passion

During her time at SUNY Poly, she was a 4-year starter for both the soccer and softball teams. Being a former athlete has helped Angela develop exceptional leadership and organizational skills that she has carried over from the field to the front desk. Before working at Central New York Spine & Rehab, Angela was working at her Alma Mater as an assistant coach for the soccer and softball teams. That is where she realized her passion for helping others and watching her players reach the goals that they set for themselves on the field and in the classroom. 

Working In Healthcare

Often referred to as the "Chaos Coordinator," Angela operates everything behind the scenes in our clinic. She loves seeing how the patients react to their treatments whether it be a new patient or someone that comes in weekly. Her favorite aspect of work is interacting with the patients. From friendly banter to remembering specific things about them, she could talk for hours about anything.

In Her Free Time

When she’s not at the office running the front desk and keeping the scheduling running smoothly, Angela enjoys being outside. Whether it’s at the golf course, hiking a mountain or making countless memories with her friends, she is constantly on the go. She also enjoys spending time being “Aunt Ang” to her many nieces and nephews that always give her a run for her money. Her favorite hobby outside of work is photography. Mostly focused on nature, Angela’s keen eye and love for adventure helps her capture the best shots. She spends most of her time with her canine companion Tyson whom she has had for 11 years. You can catch her every Sunday during the NFL season at her dad’s. That time of the year is sacred in their household. She hopes to travel more especially out to the western United States where she has always loved visiting.

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